Sunday, April 30, 2006


In four more days we will be heading down to the Kentucky State Shoot at Hooten Old Town. Jose and I were there a couple of years ago and had a great time. It is a fantastic facility with a ton of atmosphere. My bags are slowly getting packed and my guns are far from clean, but I still can’t wait to get on the road. We’ve got tents, chairs, beds, food, guns, gear, and of course cold hard cash for the trip.

We have already shot a couple of times this year, but I can’t help thinking this will be the real kickoff to the CAS season. At least it feels that way to me. If you’re a cowboy shooter and you are not going to Hooten for this match then shame on you. If you are going, then look Jose, Copper and I up for a cold one.


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The relative difficulties of women's and men's style

Both men and women may have the difficulties of maintaining their clothing up-to-date and in season, yet men's fashion frequently feels a lot easier. Of program, for both genders, clothes and fashion options could be just as complex, and there are lots of'trendy'items which can rapidly become fashion faux pas - who are able to say they frequently see people walking on in 70s flames? On the other hand, men's style features a few staple goods that will exist forever - which man is likely to keep an eye out of position with a good-quality, tailored suit, for instance? Choose traditional cuts, colors and materials and you'll never look out-of-place.

Why traditional men's fashion is timeless

The traditional man's suit has scarcely changed for over a hundred years. True, there are many options for various situations, but they are all popular in their search for a wise, sharp try to find the person. The good thing about traditional fashion for men is that it's simply trendy effortlessly neat. A well-groomed lady will typically look his sharpest in a well-tailored suit, and this is a testament to the design of such clothing. A match will undoubtedly be used to work in several professions due to the professional look it offers to the individual, instilling a sense of respect and trust. Similarly a match will be worn to many social functions, such as a tuxedo to a black-tie affair. This incredible flexibility which allows matches to be utilized in just about all events is what gives it its eternal edge and a lasting invest men's fashion.

Modern developments in traditional men's fashion

Whilst common men's designs will never be changed, it is interesting to observe that shifts in men's fashion trends have brought certain common garments back into fashion. The popularity of vintage clothing, particularly, has brought back a wide-variety of classic styles into men's closets, such as that of the dandy guy. 'Dandy'is a term used to reference men who dress in a classic yet luxurious way, operating in a sophisticated manner and placing importance on appearance. This tendency for almost'over-the-top'traditional style for men is evident from events like the'Tweed Run', where men and women of all ages dress in significantly Victorian-style attire and take to the streets on vintage cycles - with many of the men sporting flawless mustaches! This is just one single of several samples of evidence displaying the resurgence of such designs. There are also numerous sites online which give attention to gentlemanly type - such as'The Dandy Project'and'Dandyism'- as well as whole web sites such as'The Art of Manliness'specialized in giving articles on basic men's fashion and grooming.

In conclusion, although certain areas of basic men's fashion can be brought back as new trends, the fundamental clothes which they are based on will never fall out of fashion.

"All it will take certainly are a few basic costumes. And there is one key - the easier the better." - Cary Grant

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