Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cowboy Camping

In a little over a week Jose, Copper, and I will be camping at the Kentucky State Shoot in Hooten, KY. Jose and I have been to several state level shoots and have always had a good time. In 2004 we went to Hooten and loved the atmosphere of the place, but hated the 40 minute drive every morning from the nearest hotel. We decided if we went back we would stay on site. So we have our modern camping equipment and it should be a lot of fun. But when I think of camping at a cowboy shoot, this is what I would like to see.A true period style campsite, and while the picture shows one a little over the top I would still love to have the canvas wall tent, canvas dinning fly, wooden chairs, tables, camp boxes, cots, water barrels, and all the little do-dads that would round out a true old west camp. Money is the only problem; all those things cost money, so for now we will just take what we can get. Thanks to Civil War Reenactors in Photos for the image.

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