Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jose just can’t lay off Coyote Cap, and like he said in his post “breaks my heart”. Now maybe we aren’t being fair to Cap. Sure we haven’t bought anything from him so can’t comment on his customer service or product quality, but here are a few reasons why we tend to give Cap a hard time.

It started in 2002 or so when he announced that he was making a Winchester Model 1887 lever action shotgun. He started taking 50 dollar pre orders from people and said that the guns should be here by the end of the year. Thousands of people gave him the money, and some even paid the full amount, but they didn’t get there shotguns. He finally delivered 120 shotguns (out of thousands) this December…that’s right 2006! I wouldn’t mind making the interest off of all that money for 4 years!

But he then went on to complain about the rise of the Yen and raised the prices on the guns…that takes balls. And the worst part is that everyone defends him for being a great guy and a good pard to do business with on the wire. Other vendors have been kicked off the SASS wire for the same thing, but he keeps right on going.

Jose and I meet him at the SASS convention in 2004. There is no doubt that he knows his stuff, and provides quality products for the gamers (all his guns are gamer guns), but the guy is slippery. I mean he is the epitome of a used car salesman. He could sell sand in the Sahara, and in the end that’s what chaffs our backside. Jose and I are about as straight forward as it comes. We keep our word, don’t’ take advantage of people, and take responsibility for our actions and decisions…the things that Coyote Cap seems to lack.

Feel free to do business with him, hell who knows I’ve always wanted an 87 lever shotgun so I might buy one some day, but I’ll keep my hand on my wallet when I do cause a snack oil salesman hasn’t changed much in a 150 years.

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