Thursday, December 08, 2005

The SASS convention is over and the TG voting on agenda items has been released. You can d/l a copy here.

I thought I'd comment on the items as I see them.

#1 Should State and higher matches be required to award prizes to all categories. [YES] My only worry is that they'll hike the price of the match, though I don't see why they would, I guess I'm just used to oil prices rising at the hint anything that could negatively affect their profit.

#2 Should rules go into affect March 1st [YES] Good!

#3 Black powder categories blah blah blah 1cc powder blah blah blah [YES] Well good for them, now I hope they shut up. Oh and forget shooting that .32 of yours in BP at State and above because someone's going to challenge you and everyone knows you can't get that much powder in a .32. The three TGs will see that you don't create enough smoke because EVERYONE knows you can't hold that much in the cartridge and people see what they are expected to see. The expectation is there and it will be judged so.

#4 B-Western an official category [YES] I like this, it adds to the sport. Not everyone wants to look like a grungy old cowboy.

#5 Should any shooter be allowed to protest a non-safety issue (miss, procedural) [NO] OMG! thank you for that! I can't imagine a major shoot where anyone could argue a miss! Flog whomever put this on the agenda!

#6 Should any shooter be allowed to protest a safety call on another competitor? [NO] again GOOD! (see above)

#7 Should FC shooters be allowed to shoot Gunfighter style? [RATIFY] This is hogwash! If you want a BP Gunfighter, fine, make that, but dilluting a CATEGORY by making it a STYLE is stupid, moronic and simply a bad bad bad idea. BAD! There's already people asking if they can shoot gunfighter in B-Western for Christ's sake!

8# Competitor's age be established by his/her age on the date of the shoot? [YES] Duh!

9# Should we allow a leather tie down under the hammer? [NO] Who thinks of these things? STUPID!!

10# Should we change the empties left in long guns safety penalty? [NO] This is good, now just stop people from loading on the run and I'll feel safer. This rule keeps everyone safe from those who think this isn't a safety issue.

11# If a modification to a firearm can be seen in normal handling of the gun, is it illegal? [TABLED] This one is tricky, there's too many parts that can be seen as modified that are currently legal. I think as worded, this elliminates too many guns. BTW the lightning rod started this whole thing and I have actually seen one and it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. It is awfully gamer though.

12# Uberty 1873 percussion pistol legal? [RATIFY] I don't have a dog in the hunt, but this isn't a gun in the spirit of the rules and I hope it gets voted down.

13# Should revolving percussion rifles be legal main match guns [NO] by all means thank heaven!

Also voted on were the Coyote Cap/Interstate Arms 93/97 shotgun with was tabled for next year. Something that's got Cap hopping mad, so that makes me happy. To read him whining about all the money he spends to make this sport safer is truly gut-wrenching. Like I care if he lost a few thousand from the $100k or so he took on deposit for the 1887 that he had the gall to raise the price on anyway. HA!

The lightning rod isn't legal either, breaks my heart...

Anyhow, that's the voting and that's my take like or leave it. I don't pretend to make everyone like me, but I have my opinions and that's why I've got a blog.

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