Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Three Inch Magnum

My current goal is to own a three inch magnum and find out if the myth is really true. I know this isn’t cowboy related, but it is gun related so here it is. The mythical three inch magnum is supposed to be the ultimate carry gun. Perfect for concealability, great stopping power, and the three inch barrel doesn’t bleed off as much muzzle velocity as the 1 and half and the 2 inch models.

I currently own a couple of S&W revolvers. A model 66 given to me by my father and carried for the first 2 years of my police career ( I love that gun), and a model 640 I currently carry as a back up. I love the S&W revolvers and think they are the finest revolvers ever made, but trying to find a three inch magnum is damn near impossible.

So I think I’m going to have one made. But first I gotta find me a good deal on a model 19, or model 66. Hell I might even go for a model 29. Besides the little cowgirl is going to need something when she gets a little older.

[UPDATE] I think this is a fine representation of a M19. Like Judge says, the 3 incher is hard to find so this example is a 4 inch model 19 ($270 on GunsAmerica.com)

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