Friday, December 30, 2005

Show and Tell

Another Christmas has come and gone, I hope your's was a fine one. I got a really nice gift from Judge Mint Day, a Mitch Rosen holster for my Kimber Eclipse CLE II! Its the new Premier holster from Rosen and it's a very nice one indeed, the width of the holster really spreads out the weight of the full size 1911 nicely and makes the holster less bulky. The snaps make it a cinch to take off if I need to; the forward cant of the gun is something I really like in a holster and this one manages to keep the grip nice and tight to my body. This thing is absolutely made for the 1911, when I first got it, I had to shove and shove to get the gun in the holster and then couldn't pull it out for a while. It is breaking in now and I can actually wear and carry with it now. The only thing that will limit my use of the holster is it's drop, it makes wardrobe very important when I carry with this holster and almost precludes me wearing it in the summer. But that lets me buy another holster later on, right?

Anyway, thanks for the gift Judge, I love it. Now for some holster/gun porn.

Cocked, locked and ready to rock
Flickr Photo
Holster; Kimber, Mag and 9 Friends

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