Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Main Match

Yesterday was the first main match of the year. It was a gorgeous day, bright sunshine and 45 degrees. 41 shooters showed up at Thunder Valley to knock off the winter rust and start having cowboy fun again.

Jose picked me up at 0730 and we met Copper Quincy at 0800 for breakfast. As usual we were some of the first to the range and quickly got our gear together. While we were waiting Jose lit up a Vegas 5 and I enjoyed a H. Upmann. Jose and I were posse marshals so we ended up on separate posses. We also were too busy to take photographs, but I promise to fix that problem next month. We had a great turnout with some great shooters; Vaquero Hayes, Redneck Rebel, Fighting Eagle, Graver, Abu, Rapid Lee, Max Montana, Indy Kid, Calamity Kelly, Randy Atcher, Lizzy of the Valley, Nomore Slim, Manatee, Clyde, Drew First, Marshal Spencer Owen, Hardscrabble, and Swamp Rat Willy just to name a few. We also had some new faces; Baron Von Cisco, Wild Card Reno McGee, and Ace all of which I hope will come back.

I can’t speak much for Jose or Copper, but I shot well. I had three misses for the day all of which were caused by a strange case of the jerks. The new Gigante Sight on my rifle worked fantastic and I was smoking with my shotgun. I wasn’t as fast as I have been, but it felt good, and I seemed to be much more consistent then usual so if I can keep shooting like that all year I will be a happy man. I finished 2nd in Gunfighter because Max Montana shot gunfighter and he is just amazing. I didn’t realize he was shooting in the same category (he usually shoots duelist) and when they read off the awards and I was second I was trying to figure out who beat me. When they read his name I just sighed. Max finished second overall and I finished eleventh overall so that tells you just how much better he is right now. Ahh, if only I had time to practice.

A few beers in the garage after the shoot with the boys and some very funny incidents involving blanks and balloons that I’ll let Jose talk about rounded out the day….Priceless.

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