Saturday, March 04, 2006

Custom Guns

Yesterday Jose and I went to the range for the first time this year. We shot for a good 4 hours and put rounds through all our cowboy guns before breaking out the modern stuff. I’m sure Jose will post a more in-depth review of our range time, but a couple of things happened that got me thinking.

First, I’m a gun nut. I never have enough guns, and the more shooting I do the more guns I want. I’ve wanted a home defense shotgun for a long time, and nothing I can find fits the bill for me better then the 870 Marine Magnum. It’s a little steep for a shotgun, but it’s something I’ve been drooling over for years.

Next is the battle rifle. Everybody at work longs for the M4 and they are great guns. I never really gave the AK47 a second glance. It was for the gun crazies, you know militia members who were afraid of their government. Now that might fit Jose a little, but I’m far from that type. But the more I think about owning a true battle rifle the more I start leaning towards the AK47. Indestructible, simple, powerful, and cheap, now that’s a combination I can get behind.

The Kel-Tec is a gun I’ve also been looking at recently as a backup to my backup. It would serve the function of a true pocket gun that would give me something to rely on when I’m unarmed.

I won’t even get into my longing for a 3 inch magnum and for all of you that keep telling me they are everywhere you can stick it, ‘cause I can’t find any.

But here is the gist of my post. I put some rounds through my little snubby. It’s the gun Jose did trigger work, polishing, and replaced the sight with a XS big dot. It is now a custom gun, one of a kind, and it was a pleasure to shoot. My cowboy guns have all been modified by Jose and now my tactical guns are starting to get the treatment and I love it. Jose does a great job, and even though he's learning a little at a time I trust him to finish up with a great product. So, maybe this will be my next gun.

I’ll pick up an el-cheapo 1911 from Rock Island. Jose can start swapping out parts as fast as I can afford them and then I’ll have me a custom one of a kind 1911. Hopefully it will shoot as well as Jose’s Kimber which is just a dream to shoot.

So, I’ve just dropped about 1400 dollars in this article. God I hope my wife never reads this blog.

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José Giganté said...

As I pointed out to you the other day when I was talking about buying a Rock and building a gun is that the first problem I'd have is the sights. I don't have the facility to mill new dovetails so that would have to be farmed out to a smith.