Thursday, March 23, 2006

To the Max

As Judge mentioned in his Main Match post, Max Montana came to shoot at Thunder Valley this past weekend and after looking at the scores I can truly say that I hope I don't shoot against him again! You see Max placed 5th in GF at EoT last year, so that makes him darned good.

I'm not trying to embarass Judge, but Max beat his time by 64 seconds, compare that to the remaining three gunfighters who were seperated by 19 seconds. He's kind of in his own class being as how he was second overall in the match beating several good shooters and a couple of VERY good shooters.

I'm really glad he didn't shoot duelist...

As for how I shot, well, I think I did pretty darned well. I had four misses, but that's a low to average number for me. The big improvement for me was that ALL of my times were under 40 seconds and that included my foul-up stage where I jacked a live one out of the Marlin. I outshot Hardscrabble (barely) and that's a good indication. He was shooting GFer so I feel pretty good about that. I placed 16th out of 41 shooters and that made me feel better. I beat those I can and got beat by those I should have gotten beat. Best of all, I came darned close to knocking off Randy Atcher who had an off day with 5 misses and a procedural. (his raw time was 19 seconds better)

Speaking off Raw times, mine wasn't so bad, like I said, 19 off of Randy, but 11 off of Manatee (who won Duelist) and better than Abu and Graver. The next Duelist after me is Copper Quincy 66 seconds back. I guess I'm keeping touch with the front runners. And I did that with my mule ear shotgun!

Aside from scores, the weather was perfect, the guns were flawless as well as the ammo. If anything, I've got good equipment and supplies thanks to my gunsmith and reloader (ME).

Now if I can just get San Pedro Saddlery to send me my holster I paid for back in December, I can start chasing those dammed gunfighters!

Avg. Raw Time
Judge 33.21
Jose 35.21
Is that 2 seconds a mule ear? My ejected live round? Gunfighter vs Duelist? Judge being better? Probably a little of each, but I'll get there and I'll have my day.


Judge Mint Day said...

don't forget your super slicked up Marlin. I know that thing can run a second faster then my 66

José Giganté said...

That'll be two seconds after I'm done with that '66!