Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thats AMMOré

Pardon the pun. I stopped in to the local Dick's Sporting Goods store to see what they had ammo-wise since they're usually running a decent special on shotgun ammo and I was in need. Lo and behold they had my favorite cowboy shotshells on sale 15% off, so I picked up a case, which gave me another 10% off. I love bargains almost as much as food! When I can find a deal on ammo or guns, that's especially gratifying as there's usually not any to be had since the margin on those items is pretty slim.

I then poked around the counter and saw that they had their .45ACP Remington ball ammo on sale for 20% off and so I picked up a couple of boxes for myself. Then I got to thinking that maybe Judge would need some for his new pistol, so I called him and picked up another three boxes. There's nothing quite like the smile I get when I'm walking around the sporting goods store at the mall with 500 rounds of ammo, not to mention the bewildered stares from the hippies in this town. Priceless!

Postcript: I almost fainted when the checkout guy knew something about guns and was very helpful! That's something you don't get in the chain sporting goods stores. Now the guy at the gun counter is a diffent story, there's nothing like that blank stare you get when you ask for a box of .45acp and he just stares at the boxes until you finally point to the box or say "that green one on the second shelf on the left".

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