Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rock Build (update)

The Caspian parts came in today. I spent the better part of the afternoon fitting the new extractor and then the oversized firing pin stop. I hope my extractor never gives me any trouble, those are a bitch if you want them to look good at the back of the slide. The slide stop dropped right in. This morning I spent a couple of hours doing more blending of the frame to the grip safety. I don't know that I'll ever be fully 100% satisfied with it, but then it's my first time doing it.

The tolerances on the Rock will be tighter once I'm done. That may not be as good a thing as it sounds, you want it to function first and formost. I figure you start out tight and work it into shape though, like they say, its easy to take more metal off, its damn hard to put back on.

I've replaced the slide stop and thumb safety on my Kimber with stainless components to see how it looks. I need to either polish them up to match the slide/hammer or make them a dull luster like the trigger, I think I'll see what polished looks like and then dull it up if I don't like it.

Hour count on the Rock is at 9 hours.

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