Thursday, December 28, 2006

Battle of the “J” frame

Since I carry one every day for my safety I thought I would weigh in a little on the topic. The first thing you have to ask yourself is why do you have it? Then what do you expect to do with it? And how is it supposed to function?

In my case I carry it in an ankle holster as a back-up to my main sidearm. So, I have it as a last resort. I expect to use it when I am out of ammo for my main gun, or a malfunction has put my main gun out of service, or I am injured and can’t use my main gun, or I’m in a position that doesn’t allow me to get to my main gun.

So tactically where would I be if any of the above scenarios happened? If I have distance the little snubby is going to be a pure defensive gun. I’m taking serious cover and anybody gets to close and “BAM!” If I’m in the middle ground when I have to use the gun then I’m moving and not waiting around to engage someone…in other words back to serious cover. Finally if I’m in CQB then I want quick solid hits. Like Hicks says “I keep it for close encounters”

So how do I expect it to function? Well I need to be able to transition to it very quickly. That means smooth draws and no snags. I am not going to use it at any great distance (over 10 yards). When I do use it I need to hit fast and hard. To me that means I need a hammerless weapon with a smooth trigger, big sight, and a powerful punch…therefore my .357 Magnum S&W 640.

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