Thursday, December 14, 2006

Future Young Gun

This little cowgirl needs some real pistolas.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the little one and what I should start looking for in the gun department. You see I would love it if she took up cowboy shooting with me. Now I know she is only 2 and she might not enjoy shooting at all, but just in case she gets interested I should be ready. Gun prices just keep going up all the time so if I come across a good deal on one of my gun choices I should snatch it up. With all of that in mind here are my gun choices for Sabrina;

A pair of Cimarron Lightnings; these little pistols are based on the Colt 1877 double action Lightning which has a birdshead grip and a smaller overall frame. They come in .38 and Redneck Rebel has proven just how far you can download one of these rounds. It should fit a little girl’s hands nicely and be very shootable.

Marlin 1894 Cowboy in .38; this rifle can be modified easily to make it smooth and easy to handle. I can also have the stock cut down if necessary to accommodate a shorter length of pull.

Stoeger Coach Gun, 12 gauge; I figure when the time comes I can give her my shotgun. Sure it’s a 12 gauge, but with feather light loads and a little practice she can shoot it just fine. Also it should be well broken in by then and open smooth and easy.


Sabrina's Mommy said...

Nice, Daddy, nice.

José Giganté said...

I know someone who's got a Marlin '94 in .38sp for sale right now. Bob has one, I think he wants a nickel for it.