Friday, December 29, 2006

Shot Show!

That’s right; I got 2 tickets to the GUN SHOW!

Ok, well I don’t actually have tickets and I only need one…It’s a joke, OK!

Anyway, I am finally getting to go to the Shot Show in Orlando this year and obviously I am very excited. For the uninitiated the Shot Show is the trade industry show for the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor industry. It is the 26th largest trade show in the world and last year had almost 41,000 attendees, over 1800 vendors, and over 610,000 square feet of exhibit space. You can’t really buy anything at the show since it’s for all of the companies to display their new items, but you get to check out everything. I’m going with a buddy from work that writes articles for several magazines and is in pretty tight with people from several major companies. My buddy Mick is like Charlie San from the “Green Berets”, He gets tons of stuff for free and seems to know everyone so I’m looking forward to meeting some people in the business, doing some heavy drinking with some interesting folks, and seeing all of the new gun stuff before anybody else.

I will try and take notes so I can give all of you several write-ups when I get back.

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