Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Texican

Click for larger image.So I was looking for some gun parts for my nephew today and ran across this new single-action revolver put out by STI. In reading the description, I was very interested in that they claim that with their manufacturing process, all the parts are perfect and fit perfectly thus saving you from sending it to a gunsmith, because, well, its perfect.

The whole time I'm reading all the great things about this gun, I'm thinking "I wonder how much STI is charging?"  I figured that if it sold for under $800, they'd have guys lined up to purchase them.  If it were under $1,000, they'd sell quite a few.  I then saw the MSRP of $1,260.00 and thought "do they really think they can compete with Colt?"  I mean seriously?  If (and that's a HUGE if) I were to plunk down $1,300 bucks on a pistol, I sure as heck want Colt's name on the side so I know I can get that money back if I need it.

Forget it, I'll never spend that much for a gun I'll use at a CAS match, period.  Not when I can buy a brace of Rugers and have $300 left over.  The Texican might be the best thing since sliced bread, but I'll not find out anytime soon.

Maybe Judge can get ahold of one of these at the Shot Show and give us a report on what that action truley feels like.

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Judge Mint Day said...

1300 dollars!?

That's just plain nuts. I doubt even the gamer crowd will jump on this. I will check it out at Shot Show and give you a review.

I wonder if they sell the parts so you can make your own?