Friday, December 22, 2006

New Rules

This time every year the SASS Territorial Govenors (TGs) vote on rules changes for the CAS game SASS sanctions. Some years its good, some years, well not so much. I think this year goes in the later grouping as the rules implemented don't make a whole lot of sense to me and in some cases are already rules and thus rendered redundent or confusing. Here's an item-by-item breakdown

  • Item #1 gets on there seemingly every year. Whomever is manufacturing that gun is sure pushing it along (and likely lining some founder pockets)
  • Item #2 Great, another catagory.
  • Item #3 Many of these are reduntent and this is going to add to confusion during stages.
  • Item #4 Tees and tank-tops are already banned
  • Item #5 I guess this clarifies this situation and isn't bad.
  • Item #6 I was unaware that this was previously handled differently. I suppose its a good thing they added this to prevent a did not finish or disqualified shooter to place.

If they'd have just voted in #5 & 6, I think I'd have been happy, but the rest are garbage and so bad they washed away any good they did with the last two.

The TG/Regulator at Thunder Valley (Vaquero Hayes) is proposing that they not vote on new rules every year at the SASS TG Summit which takes place during the SASS convention in Las Vegas. The argument levied against that is that nobody would come, which might be true, but I doubt it. The convention was pretty fun when Judge and I went and we aren't TGs and didn't care about the Summit.

I suggested that instead of voting on new items every year, they vote items in for a grace period and the following year, those items are ratified or let sunset. That way, mistakes are easier to get rid of, it breaks the climate that they feel they have to change something and gives TGs a reason to go to the convention. Just my 2 cents. We'll see what happens, my guess is that status quo will prevail and nothing will change. At least I didn't have to hear about Cap's latest whiz-bang gun that's so much better than anything else... blah blah blah.

Sorry lurkers, no cute pictures of Judge's daughter or poems or witticisms, just dry old SASS talk.

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