Saturday, February 11, 2006

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice

That's right, Practice! It's what I don’t do, and what 90 percent of CAS shooters don't do, but what we all need to do a little more of.

(The above statement is true even though it is probably one of the worst grammatical sentences I have constructed since 3rd grade)

Here is a little practice regime for you. First, unload all of your CAS guns. Double Check. Place the ammunition in a separate room. Remove any ammunition from your gunbelt and/or shotgun belt. Double Check. Make sure that there is no live ammunition in your practice room. Double Check. (Get the picture)

Now, strap on your gunblelt and place your unloaded pistols into the holsters. Choose a spot on the wall as your target. Place your hands on top of your head. When ready draw first pistol and "shoot" your target 5 times. While doing this make sure you can see your front site and you are keeping it on target. Work on the function of the gun trying to be a smooth as possible. Do this as fast as you can and still keep the sights on the target.

Reholster the pistol after the 5 shots without looking at your holster.

Repeat the above process using your second pistol.

This 10 shot cycle is one time, do this 10 times.

Practice in the above manner everyday for 1 week. Next week I will give you another simulation to work on.

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