Monday, February 27, 2006

House Gun

This seems to be a hot topic on gun blogs all over the internet. I have read several articles and most of the people have good ideas with well thought out reasons for their pet house gun. While several have posted that opinions will very and you should keep that in mind I want to take this moment to reiterate the point;

The best gun is the one you have and the one you know how to use. If you are comfortable with the Blunderbuss then go for it, if you love your .22 magnum that's cool too. My opinion about what works best is going to be different then your opinion. I am happy to see that most of the bloggers are spending time defending their choice, which means they have thought about it.

Use what you know, know what you use!

And for those of you interested, my house gun is attached to my house body armor!


José Giganté said...

Bonus of living alone, I have house GUNS!

Anonymous said...

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