Monday, February 13, 2006

My Country Music

Why do cowboys have to listen to country music? I mean I get it, but I just don’t get it. Think of the cowboy. You know the one riding the range herding cattle, spending days in the saddle, sitting the lonely night watch, and occasionally getting to go into town and whoop it up with his buddies till he passes out dead drunk. Once broke he started the cycle all over again.

I find myself sitting hear listening to my favorite music and wondering way no one would consider it cowboy music. My favorite music for all of you out there is blues, specifically southern and delta blues.

Country music is really redneck music. It’s for simple people, farmers, salt of the earth, you know…morons. (I exclude Hank Williams which is just magical stuff) I don’t think a cowboy would be caught dead listening to that stuff. But blues really hits the spot.

Complex soulful rhythms, heartfelt singing about god, love, sex, violence, and most of all hope…yep blues really hits the spot. “But Judge it wasn’t around back then” you might say, and you would be right, but I swear if the old west was now they would be listening to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and don’t forget the modern masters like Marc Cohn, ZZ Top, the Allmen Brothers, Marc Broussard and even KT Tunstall.

I guess the soundtrack of my great western epic would be just a little different from everyone else.

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Judge Mint Day said...

My god I forgot Johnny Lang! How in the hell did I do that!