Monday, February 06, 2006

“Say hello to my little friend”

It’s time for some more gun porn on this site, and what better excuse to throw in some pictures then talking about my little back-up. I love the S&W double action revolvers. I carried a S&W 66 for several years before I went to a department that issued weapons. So now I carry a Glock on my hip, but I keep this little beauty tucked away for close encounters.

This is a S&W Model 640. It’s a .357 hammerless and shoots like a dream. When I first picked it up I carried it for years unchanged, but with Jose getting more and more involved in gunsmithing I decided to have him do a few things to it. He polished the internals, replaced the springs with a little lighter version, and installed the XS Big Dot tritium sight on the front. I couldn’t be happier.

You’ve got to be comfortable with your back-up gun and I’ve spent time practicing my transitions with this one. Last year on the range we were doing move and shoot drills. If we ran dry we were to reload, but we had done this drill for several minutes and I knew I was on my last mag. When it ran dry I was in the middle of a string so I tossed the glock (that’s the nice thing about a plastic gun) and went for the snubbie. In under 2 seconds I had transitioned to the ankle holster and delivered 2 to the target (head shots) The rest of the range stopped shooting since they were all firing 9mm “Pop, Pop, Pop” and all of a sudden they hear “Bang, Bang”.

The look on the instructors face?…priceless.

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