Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks Billy

I was just thinking about reloading and remembered when I first started SASS shooting and Judgemint Day and I were handed our brass after shooting and weren't going to save the .45 Colt brass. I think it was Billy Bucarest who told me "You're gonna reload this" and handed it to me. Saved me some brass cost, so thanks Billy.

Also, thanks to Judge Mint's pa who gave him his reloading equipment and thus to me eventually. Startup on reloading isn't that much, but after buying guns, leather and all that crap, it'd been daunting.

Other randomness.

I ran across a new shooter that works for the same University that I do, I didn't catch his name, but I'm sure I'll see him at the March 18th shoot. Its good to have more shooters.

I lightened the left chamber spring on my TTN 1878 shotgun. The factory spring was too stiff and the supplied lighter spring was too soft. I ground down the factory spring so that it is lighter, but still sets off primers. I hope I didn't disturb the neighboors too much the other night when I was testing it in my garage. :)

I sure wish someone made a packer style boot in size 15 wide. I found one boot by Double H that is a 15D that I might have to try (kinda sucks to pay $150 to try something). They say that packers are more comfy and I'm all about comfortable.

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