Thursday, April 12, 2007

Classic Cowboy

Arguments over the classic cowboy category abound and everybody has an opinion on the topic. I always believed that classic cowboy was intended to cover a wide range of cowboy characters from the classic cow puncher to the old west bartender to the gambler and banker. Any character you might run into in a historical setting should be fodder for this category. The category forces a stricter dress code and an adherence to larger calibers. It was never meant to be a category for the serious competitor but for the shooter who was looking for more of a historical experience. I have been trying to convince Jose for awhile now to shoot classic cowboy. So here are the rules for you Jose.

Any Main Match revolver with non-adjustable, traditional sights. Revolvers must be shot duelist style. Revolver calibers: .40 caliber rimmed cartridges or larger may use any SASS–legal ammunition. Rifles: Any 1873 or earlier manufacture SASS–legal rifle or a replica thereof. Shotguns: SASS–legal external hammer double barrel or lever actions.

Costuming: Must choose at least five of the requirements listed below. All clothing items must be worn appropriately during all shooting events and awards ceremonies: Chaps, spurs, cuffs, tie or scarf worn loosely around the neck or with scarf slide, vest, pocket watch with full length chain, jacket, sleeve garters, knife, botas, leggings, braces; no straw hats allowed. No Buscadero or drop holster rigs allowed. All boots must be of traditional design with leather or smooth rubber, non-grip enhancing Soles. Hats must be worn for the entire match.

It looks like you would need to add a vest to your ensemble and some spurs and you would be set for classic cowboy. You could be the giant doorman at the saloon.


José Giganté said...

Maybe I could dress like Mongo from Blazing Saddles? He wore a vest and full length chain! I could put a watch on it, I'd have to wear a shirt of course and then I don't know if he wore spurs. I'd have to get a crappy hat though, mine is too nice for Mongo.

Oh well, one of these days I'll just have to get me a Mongo getup and go and take the penalties!

Judge Mint Day said...

Penalties! Who's brave enough to give you penalties!