Thursday, April 05, 2007

Match Calendar

Just in case there are any Cowboy groupies out there, I created a Google calendar of the matches I may attend this year and put a link to the calendar in the Links section. I would have embedded it in the sidebar, but I can't get it small enough to go in there and not look like hell. It would have been nice though.

UPDATE: OK OK, I think I may have it. I widened the sidebar as well as the entire blog-page itself. That allowed me to do the embed and not have it look terrible. Not entirely readable, but you'll be able to click on calendar events to see what's what.


Judge's wife said...

Oh man, would I really be considered a "Cowboy Groupie"?

Judge said...

If you can size it vertically to get the scroll bar out of the picture it will be perfect.

José Giganté said...

It worked on my Mac darnit!

Oh, and J's Wife, you gotta show up at a match to be a groupie.

Judge's wife said...

*wipes brow* Good, I'm safe then. ;)