Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fontier Cartridge

Or rather @#&*@##!!!

Yesterday I shot Frontier Cartridge Duelist for the first time and I must say, I suck at it. Everything went OK except for my rifle shooting which just was plain awful, I guess you really do need to take more time to see the targets, who knew? Anyways, the day was otherwise an absolutely gorgeous day with a light breeze and pleasant temps and a group of Illinois cowboys paying tribute to a fallen comrade, Zeb. I'm not really sure why I got the pleasure to shoot with them all, but I was honored to lead them through the stages written in honor of Zeb.

Due to the record attendance at TVR, I was shooting with a lot of unfamiliar faces especially since Judge and Copper Quincy had to work to protect Bloomington from the invading horde (Little 500 weekend). Its nice to shoot with your usual pards, but its refreshing to learn some new names and faces. A couple of fellers I've only really shot with on the same posse at the KY State shoot is Gibbon Bote Barrels and Pee Wee, they brought along a relatively new shooter Miss Sassy Saparilla who had some trouble in her first match last year with an AD, but kept with it and is certainly improving. I had to rat her out yesterday and got her the bonehead award for grabbing the wrong shotgun and sliding a 20G shell down the barrel of a 12G. Like I told her, don't sweat it, I've got three of the damn things!

J. Mark Flint is also a very good guy to posse with and brings all sorts of enthusiasm and class to the shoot. I at least am proud that I edged him out in FCD, his problem was the same as mine, he wouldn't slow down for the rifle. His better half is easy on the eyes too, so he'll always have a place on my posse :)

After the shoot, we headed up the hill to pack up the guns and then had a rather long and moving awards ceremony where it was announced that every April shoot at TVR will be a memorial shoot honoring any cowboys no longer with us. I think that's a fine idea. Following the ceremony, we had a pitch-in and stuffed our faces with plenty of wonderful food and a few libations. The blackberry-raspberry sqeezins' from Buckshot Williams (Zeb's nephew or cousin) was absolutely one of the finest alcoholic beverages I've tasted. Good thing I didn't get to hold the bottle or I'd be laying in the pasture somewhere right now I'm sure.

One very fine day of shooting and eating and drinking and rememberin'

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