Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hooten Holler Roundup

Also known as The 2007 SASS Kentucky State Championship! This may become a yearly event for me, its a fun shoot with lots of good shooters, many of whom I regularly shoot with, a terrific atmosphere and its fairly close. The only problem with the shoot is there's no real close lodging, the nearest available lodging is 30-40min away.

Hooten Old Town as I've written about before has a "town" build up next to the range, unlike most shooting ranges where the "town" buildings are just facades and the stages are shot in and around those buildings, the buildings at hooten are real. There's actually a mercantile and church, though the rest of the buildings pretty much disguise for cabins that individuals have built and own to an extent (the range is privately held by Old Man Markum). Its pretty cool and unique none-the-less.

So far I know I'm going and Copper Quincy is coming as well as several Thunder Valley Shooters and Judge may come if he solves a conflict that may keep him home and its not his wife like usual (I kid I kid).  Anyway, if you're a CAS shooter looking for a great weekend, come on down to Hooten on May 4th.

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Judge said...

I sent my application in today so I will be there!