Sunday, July 22, 2007

Grips Make The Gun

M19 w/new gripsIts often said that clothes make the man, well, I wouldn't know about but I would extend that to grips and guns. Since I purchased the S&W M19, I've been wanting to get wood grips to dress it up, those rubbers are ugly.

Last week, I got my new Eagle Grips Secret Service grips for it in rosewood. They are comprable to the Hogue Bantam grips, however, I didn't have to wait 90 days for them and they look and fit great. I know Judge is a big fan of the Eagles he has on his Rugers for matches and now I'm a big fan.

The wood grips are smaller than the rubber monogrips, yet I don't think I'll give up much control because of the nicely contoured finger grooves, excellent fit and while my pinkie finger isn't fully on the grip, it can support the base of the grip to help with recoil. We'll see as soon as I can get to a range and try some practice and carry ammo through the little snubbie. The big bonus, other than looks, is the gun is a better concealment carry piece now. The rubber grips were indeed too grippy and hung onto clothing making draw a problem and heaven forbid I drop the gun in a pocket!

Yep, grips make the gun and in this case I've got what I want in a carry snubbie.

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