Monday, July 23, 2007

Wild Bunch Costuming

Since we have been talking so much lately about a Wild Bunch Category lets take a real quick look at some of the costuming requirements.

First, you’ve got to know a little bit about the movie that inspires the Wild Bunch category. The movie starts with Pike and his gang impersonating a group of pre WWI soldiers and robbing a bank. The gang’s troubles start there and culminate in a shootout with members of the Mexican Army south of the border. If you are thinking about shooting this category by all means watch the movie first!

So, in true Wild Bunch spirit a full WWI uniform for an American infantryman would be a great costume. Wool Trousers, Tunic, Pullover Shirt are the basics followed by M1898 khaki leggings, a 1911 military belt, a M1911 “Pershing Model” or M1917 S&W holster, a M1918 campaign hat or an officer’s visor should seal the deal and make you the envy of the shoot.

Of course as you watch the movie you see that they quickly start losing pieces of their costume so not only would it be acceptable, but very much in the spirit of the Old vs. New West to have a mix of clothing. Take “Pike” for example. He changes into a classic movie western outfit with black jeans, white shirt, black vest and cowboy boots and hat, except he carries a 1911 pistol throughout the film and a Winchester rifle…a mixture of old and new. “Lyle” also sports a classic look. Jeans, white shirt un-tucked with a military style pistol belt and cartridge pouch worn over the shirt…perfect.

So when thinking about Wild Bunch costuming think about mixing elements from the WWI uniform with parts of classic Old West dress and viola! The cloths should express the conflict of the times in the same manner that the automobile mixed with the horse and buggy and the auto-loader competed with the revolver.


Tam said...

Back in '94, when I first heard about cowboy shooting, I thought it was "Old Gun" shooting. How bitter was I when they wouldn't let me shoot my C96 Broomhandle? Can you shoot those in Wild Bunch?

Judge Mint Day said...

Absolutely! as a matter of fact there's a whole passel of old whiz bangers you can shoot. Wish I had a broomhandle to shoot I figured if it was good enough for Han it was good enough for me.