Monday, July 30, 2007

Look out Arnold!

When I first started CAS I wanted a lever action shotgun. Just like the one Arnold used in T2. I searched and searched, but they were just not available. So I settled on a double barrel and I've been happy...sort of.

Well now finally the 1887 lever action reproductions are available and for decent prices, and at last I'm going to get my 87.

I sold my 92 the other day for a fair price (It helped that they became legal to hunt deer with this year in Indiana) so I'm putting that money right back into CAS. I'm ordering an 1887 from my friend Vaquero Hayes at Thunder and Lightning Action Works. He's going to order the gun for me and then do the drop 2 modification and an action job. When I get it it will be CAS ready...I can't wait!


José Giganté said...

I'm jealous.

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