Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reason #10 for having a safe

So the freakin' plumber doesn't report you to the police and over-reactionary glory hounds raid your house to kiss the mayor's ass. The story from Brian at Snapped Shot. Interestingly enough, Brian fell for it too, at least he has the guts to admit it, unlike almost any new organization. My favorite part is how the author of this article and the police can't figure out why anyone would want some AK47s, a grenade launcher and 500 rounds of ammo, hint go shoot them and you'll know.

My advice to this "gun collector" (as if any self-respecting "collector" would be caught without at least 1,000 rounds of ammo), get a safe and put your guns in there before the plumber comes.

Yes, this guy could be a complete dirtbag if the suspected child porn holds true, but with the stellar policing by Dallas PD (who admittedly don't know whether some of the stuff is illegal), I wouldn't put money on it. Probably just some midget porn.

Hat Tip: Instapundit

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