Monday, July 23, 2007

Black Rifles

NBC on black rifles (aka AR-15s).

The piece starts out well enough, but certainly turns ugly when the loon at the Violence Policy Center (funded by George Soros) starts with her lies and Ms. Myers points out the features of an AR-15 which make it particularly effective evil. You know, like the 30 round magazine and pistol-grip (so the gun can be easily fired from the hip? whatever). The DC sniper case was brought up as an example of how these guns can be used for evil purposes, like if they ban them, nobody can go pickup a proper sniper rifle like a Remington 700 and kill people. Newsflash! the DC sniper didn't need 30 rounds, a collapsable stock, flash supressor, bayonet lug or pistol grip. All he needed was an accurate rifle and scope, period. Banning scopes would sooner prevent another sniper case than banning the AR and scopes don't require a background check! Gasp!

I was sort of surprised that they use images from Oleg Volk who's firearm photography is very good (check this one out). I've always wondered whether some of his content, especially the captioned photos with women in danger, are doing more harm or good to 2nd amendment rights. I don't think its exploited to the point of harming the cause, but I do think some of his stuff is pandering to the point of fear-mongering. I like his stuff, but he should tone it down a little.

BTW, I've seen other pieces that Lisa Myers has done that were actually pretty good, she takes a class at Front-Sight IIRC and does a decent job, but that was a few years ago.

Hat tip David Hardy

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